Changes of Chinese heavy truck in 40 years: who is the king of heavy truck in 19

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Without contrast won't have harm, compare reform and opening up before in heavy card ability knows reform and opening up to bring great change to homebred heavy card, short short is how to become today's phoenix male step by step poor.Although the current domestic heavy card is not high rich handsome, but several generations of car people insist that once the soil old hat become today let the small brothers envy phoenix man, in the older truck people and other technology workers have now hard to see things - faith!


Well, back to the point, now let's look at the changes of China heavy card after the reform and opening up, how many childhood memories of young card friends, how many parents card friends young struggle footprint.

At the end of 1979, China automotive industry corporation (now withdrawn) signed a memorandum of understanding with Austria's steyr to introduce the full range of steyr 91 series heavy duty vehicles.In the early days of reform and opening up, it was a huge sum of money for Chinese who didn't have enough to eat.The signing of this memorandum laid a foundation for the major events affecting China's heavy truck industry to date.

The long march was too long for the T815

In 1983, China automotive industry corporation and motokov corporation of the Czech republic reached an agreement to transfer the T815 heavy-duty truck to China, which was assembled and produced by hebei changzheng automobile factory.Tube frame + swing axle became too drag a special flag, the eight character tire state even in the country also made a traffic police said the tire was not installed well and was stopped joke.The unique swing axle gives the tire a huge jump stroke and good grounding, making it a formidable off-road performance.

Tube frame + unique swing axle

Five years later, in 1987, the first batch of localized T815 was successfully produced, and the long march began to serve in places where the republic needed it.

1984 was a year of great harvest for China's automobile industry, which was also a turning point for China's heavy vehicles.In this year, the second generation of "Yellow River" JN162 of jinan automobile factory passed the appraisal of relevant national departments and was formally mass produced.In the same year, CQ30.290, the second-generation "red rock" heavy truck developed by sichuan automobile factory on the basis of French bailiere heavy truck technology, also passed the certification of relevant national departments.The 290-horsepower "red rock" CQ30.290 was the most powerful heavy truck of its time.


"Red rock" CQ30.290 fills the blank of China's 18-ton heavy truck!

The steyr era

1984 was a crucial turning point in the development of heavy trucks in China, so much so that today's heavy trucks in China are affected by it -- the introduction of steyr 91 heavy trucks.China automotive import and export corporation and Austria steyer-daimler-pulch corporation formally signed the heavy vehicle manufacturing technology transfer agreement, introduced steyr 91 series of 14 tons to 40 tons of heavy trucks.The introduced steyr 91 series heavy trucks are manufactured by the newly established China heavy truck association.

斯太尔1491 6x4载货车

China national heavy duty truck associated company is the collection of the national power and heavy card group, the vehicle production line by jinan automobile factory, shaanxi automobile manufacturers and sichuan automobile factory, engine project by chongqing pump nozzle factory, hangzhou automobile engine factory, weifang diesel engine factory, gearbox by shaanxi automobile gear factory (now the predecessor of law and) and the qijiang count company's account.

Steyr 1491 6x4 dump truck

Because the whole vehicle production line in three places started production at the same time, so there is a sinotruk steyr, red rock steyr and shaanxi auto steyr three versions of steyr.

In 1985, the first steyr 91 rolled off the production line in sichuan automobile factory, and in 1989, the first homemade steyr rolled off the production line in jinan automobile factory.


Sinotruk steyr

In the 80s and 90s, steyr is the absolute leading role in the heavy card market, steyr was synonymous with heavy card in China at that time!When I was in elementary school, at the beginning of this century, I still saw quite a few steyls on the road.Although I didn't know it was steyr until I was older, when I saw it as a child, I was overwhelmed by its unique and powerful beveled cab.At that time, overloading was prevalent throughout the country, and every time I saw steyr pulling a car full of electric poles or gravel, my heart was filled with respect for "this car is really powerful".(haha, at that time, I thought a "strong car" was a good car. The more powerful the car, the more it pulled.)

In addition to the distinctive cab design, steyr's WD615 engine has a distinctive "dada dada" sound.

Steyr is the true first teacher of our heavy vehicles, and the three brothers in the steyr project were still focused on producing steyr or improved products with strong steyr lineage for some time after their separation.Among them, shaanxi sinotruk is the most loyal "fan" of steyr. It is the longest production time of steyr among the three brothers. It has continuously improved steyr and launched many follow-up improved models of steyr series.

The post-steyr era

Shaanxi auto aolong is the largest sales volume of shaanxi sinotruk launched steyr improved products

High ceiling shaanxi auto aolong

Shaanxi sinotruk has been producing aolong to the third emission stage, is stubborn or helpless not to say, I really admire shaanxi sinotruk to steyr that insist

The eldest brother of the three brothers, after separation, sinotruk also made great improvements to steyr, under the chairing of general manager CAI dong, the great technical god, steyr's upgrading and transformation, in 2002 launched the up-extension of steyr technology -- steyr king!

Many participants in the steyr program have benefited, and steyr has been an industry leader, including today's giant weichai power.Steyr WD615 and WD618, two engines, have a relationship with weichai "blue engine" series engines, which are later praised as magic machines by kayou.It's no exaggeration to say that the technical roots of WP10, WP12, and WP13 come from WD615 and WD618!The so-called "golden power chain", weichai engine + Faust gearbox + hande bridge, is still steyr in essence, can only be said to be a post-steyr electronic control era.I do not deny that Mr. Tan xuguang's "golden power chain" has been tested by users for a long time. This is a route with high practical value, which is also the reason why many new forces making heavy trucks choose this route. I am also full of respect for it!

Steyr king is definitely a heavy-duty market a good hand

But to the point of view of a heavy truck manufacturing industry practitioners, whether this line can still promote the industry forward development needs to be a big question mark!In recent years, there have been many short-lived "heavy new power", they all have one thing in common, that is, they all follow the simple and direct route of building a cab based on the "golden power chain", which is the fastest and safest way to build a car.However, these "new forces" will eventually die out due to lack of carmaking foundation and core competitiveness.I don't know if this attempt to reach the same destination is meaningful, but it has caused a huge waste of social resources!This is my personal opinion, and it has nothing to do with the platform or the company. Like it or not, like it or not, like it or not.

Let's get back to the point. Let's get back to the point.

"North Benz" this name believes in many card friends should be a thunderbolt piercing ears, once high-end heavy card representative, now north Ben heavy card predecessor.

In 1988, China ordnance industry corporation and Inner Mongolia first machinery factory signed the agreement of introducing German Benz heavy-duty truck technology with daimler-benz automobile company, which introduced the manufacturing technology and technology of Benz NG80 heavy truck.


Today, beiben heavy truck is still making NG80, the "golden power chain", but beiben Benz has been using the steyr WD615 series engine since it was born.

The "new" north Ben heavy card NG80 after the change
Top NG80

CNG edition npan heavy truck NG80 following the trend of development

However, from the 1980s to the beginning of this century, the rapid development of heavy trucks, heavy trucks have been dominating the transport market.In this stage, the wind of overload gradually prevailed, compared with expensive heavy CARDS, relatively low cost of heavy CARDS seems to be more suitable for the users at that time.Together with manufacturer sedely and for it, built a few to be able to pull the abnormal condition of more than 30 tons big single bridge, in heavy card can get the favour of the user more.In the last century, when financial policy was not so open and vehicle costs remained high, heavy trucks were not as popular as they are now.

Large single Bridges such as dongfeng EQ153 dominated the transport market for a long time and remained the main force of overloading for several years after the country began to vigorously control overloading.In my primary school, eight eight dongfeng EQ153 is how beautiful!

However, in the heavy card is heavy card, heavy trucks in the country to vigorously govern the process of overload gradually win, from the beginning of this century has been up to now, heavy card ushered in another golden development period, opened to look for foreign thigh joint venture era.