In 2019, these technologies will become the new hot spots for heavy trucks

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Looking back at China's heavy truck industry in the last 10 years, the market size has jumped to 1 million vehicles, but the speed of technological progress of products is far behind the speed of production and marketing scale.Specifically, the average price of kingpins in the industry is still at a low level. In addition to the fast upgrading of power and emissions driven by environmental protection laws and regulations, the value of single vehicle loading is generally not high in terms of safety, comfort, efficiency and intelligent configuration.However, as the market environment continues to change, transportation structure adjustment, and cost reduction brought by scale, shang che bang predicts that AMT, flat floor cab, Internet of vehicles, long oil change, maintenance free and other technologies will become hot spots in 2019.

AMT will truly achieve mass application

AMT technology has been widely used in heavy duty trucks in China for 10 years, but the process is still in the initial stage.At present, the AMT heavy card market share in the domestic market is less than 3%, which is exactly the opposite of the European market.As one of the import heavy truck brand staff said, the AMT is now almost standard in European traction vehicles, if you need a manual transmission product, also need to add a price.


As early as 2008, domestic enterprises began to launch AMT products, including independent and joint development, and direct import, but the overall application did not reach the expected effect.Main reason is that the AMT product development requires a lot of road spectrum acquisition, electric control device to achieve precise shifting through these data, and China's conditions and using the environment is very complex, the early launch of products there are some problems in calibration, the resulting shift process smooth sex difference, high consumption, high failure rate.At the same time, price is a major barrier to market application.Early AMT products usually cost 20,000-30,000 yuan more than manual boxes, accounting for about 10% of the total price of a tractor at that time.

The AMT's problems have now been largely solved.

From the perspective of technology maturity, there are more and more domestic enterprises with AMT technology, some products have been repeatedly verified in the market, some initial injuries have been basically solved, and they have batch application conditions in technology.

From the perspective of cost performance, due to the iterative progress of AMT technology itself, as well as the realization of independent mass production of some domestic enterprises, coupled with the improvement of the degree of localization of foreign brands, AMT and manual transmission price difference has been reduced to about ten thousand yuan, which accounts for only about 3% of the vehicle price, the cost has marketization conditions.

From the perspective of product planning, various enterprises plan to increase the promotion of AMT in 2019, among which, jiefang clearly proposed to achieve the loading of about 5,000 units, dongfeng commercial vehicle independent research and development of the 14-block AMT to achieve mass production, batch load on the newly launched tianlong KL.In addition, the loading rate of shaanxi automobile with Faust AMT and the AMT independently developed by sinotruk has also been improved.In addition, zf and foton set up a special joint venture zf foton automatic transmission co., LTD., which will realize the localized mass production of 12-gear AMT products in March 2019, which will effectively reduce the cost of zf AMT products and accelerate the mass market application.

From the perspective of the terminal market, experienced drivers are becoming more and more scarce, and truck drivers have entered the new and old transition period, and they have a higher degree of vehicle concept and acceptance of new things, which will be conducive to the popularization of AMT technology.

Take the car as the home to make the flat floor cab a rigid need

About the concept of bedroom cab, in the domestic heavy truck also advocated for many years, but has not been fully reflected.Besides berth widen, increase store content box besides, the practice that domestic heavy tractor changes a concept to the bedroom is not much.There are two main reasons: one is limited by technology and cost, low penetration rate of flat floor cab;Second, many design and development personnel lack the perception of the actual use experience of long-distance users, and often develop products from the perspective of research and development.

The reason why we believe that the room-based driving cab will become a hot technology in 2019 is mainly based on two judgments: one is that users have rigid demand for the application of these technologies; the other is that the technology and cost have marketization conditions.


At present, domestic long-distance truck users are mainly retail customers, and the phenomenon of husband and wife car is very common. They basically run a single journey of more than 1000km, transport route is not fixed, the house is not fixed, take the car as the home, eat, live on the car, so the requirements on the car space are getting higher and higher, like the previous narrow body and low roof

The cab has been unable to meet the needs of long-distance users.

In view of this trend, many enterprises use various means to widen the sleeper, and optimize the design of the sleeper area, but this is far from enough, we must increase the indoor activity space and a variety of convenient devices.Flat floor cab becomes the inevitable choice, on the one hand, the internal standing height increased, the activity space is larger, on the other hand, more convenient to use the space under the sleeper and the center console.A refrigerator or storage box can be placed under the sleeper, and the central console can be designed as a multi-functional storage space.Some even have a mini kitchen in the center console that can boil water in the car.


From the recent major heavy card companies exhibition in 2019, main products, flat top cabin floor models occupies certain proportion, although the price can be increased, but whether the individual drivers, or fleet customers, promoted long-distance driving comfort and convenience has become a consensus, flat floor bridge in 2019 is expected to become more users the choice of car.

Practical Internet of vehicles systems will be introduced

In heavy trucks, the Internet of vehicles is spreading faster than any previous technology.In the past two years, many enterprises have launched their own brands of Internet of vehicles, and Internet is becoming a new industry trend.On the surface, the Internet of vehicles seems to have little to do with heavy trucks as a means of production.



The Internet of vehicles system mainly focuses on vehicle management, navigation, entertainment and other functions, which can realize the self-inspection of vehicles, information reading and human-computer interaction functions.In terms of vehicle management, intelligent and convenient Internet of vehicles technology enables drivers to know the state of vehicles thoroughly, reduce accidental parking caused by untimely maintenance, and make the management of people, vehicles and goods intuitive and simple for fleet managers.In terms of additional features such as navigation and entertainment, the latest development of human-computer interaction function allows the driver can not through the tedious menu to control intelligent terminal, only need to language instruction can arouse the navigation, and so, the function such as telephone, language WeChat, really let the driver's hands are always on the steering wheel, and more focused.

Long oil change and maintenance free technology acceptance will continue to improve

In recent years, under the support of several multinational lubricant brands, domestic heavy truck enterprises have successively launched the total growth oil exchange technology.At present, engine, gearbox and rear axle 100,000km oil change has been a common indicator in the industry.From the perspective of practical application, users have changed from the initial unacceptance and unbelief to partial acceptance.They still maintain a relatively cautious attitude, and usually do not completely follow the 100,000km oil change interval given by the manufacturer, and basically maintain once at 50,000-70,000km, but compared with the previous 10,000km maintenance interval, it is a great progress.


Extended maintenance interval, not only can save maintenance costs, but also greatly reduce the vehicle downtime, improve attendance.Especially for those customers engaged in e-commerce express transportation, the high efficiency brought by long oil change has higher value.

Moreover, after the maintenance cycle of the three assemblies is extended, some enterprises innovatively introduce maintenance-free technology for the wheel end mechanism which is traditionally maintained by grease.Generally speaking, the truck usually travels about 20,000 kilometers, and all wheel ends need to be maintained by filling or replacing grease. Not only does the process take a long time, but also the maintenance cost is a big expense in today's increasingly high labor cost.With the maintenance free wheel end technology, the complicated maintenance of wheel end is no longer needed. The state of wheel end lubricating oil can be observed by the driver through the observation hole, which brings obvious advantages, saving maintenance cost and reducing stopping time.


At present, the obstacles encountered in the promotion of long oil change and maintenance-free technology mainly have two aspects: first, many users are used to the traditional maintenance method, and there are doubts about the reliability of this new technology;On the other hand, these technologies increase the cost of initial purchases, especially for price-sensitive customers.However, from the perspective of overall technological development and market changes, with the acceleration of the popularization of various new technologies and the word-of-mouth effect of heavy truck, users are more and more receptive to new things. As long as the oil change can withstand the test of practical use without maintenance and can bring direct value to users, it will be accepted by more and more users.As for cost, with the popularity of the TCO concept in the Chinese market, fleet users pay more attention to the full life cycle use cost and vehicle attendance, and they are willing to pay for the long oil change and maintenance free technology.