Analysis on the development trend of Chinese heavy truck market in 2019

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Abstract: based on the analysis of the development trend of China's heavy truck market in 2019, the hot market of heavy truck market in 2017 is well known, and the annual sales volume of 1.17 million vehicles set the highest record of heavy truck sales.

The hot market of heavy truck in 2017 is known to all. The sales volume of 1.17 million vehicles in the whole year hit the highest record of heavy truck sales.January and February saw increases of 122% and 152% respectively.In 2018, the domestic heavy truck market still showed a strong performance. The monthly sales volume in January, march, April, may and June all set new records. However, in July, the market was depressed for four consecutive months, and the decline ended in November.

According to data, in November 2018, the sales volume of heavy trucks in China was 86,000, increasing month-on-month and year-on-year.Meanwhile, the accumulative sales volume of domestic heavy truck market from January to November has exceeded 1 million.


Sales volume of heavy truck market in China in 2017/2018

Review of the heavy card market this year, the domestic heavy card market experienced rapid growth after the sustained downturn.On the whole, the sales performance of heavy trucks in the first half of the year is still very strong. In addition to the decline of heavy truck sales in February due to factors such as the weak Spring Festival sales season and the decline of industry boom, the monthly sales in January, march, April, may and June all set new records.In the second half of the year, the market turned weak and sales volume fell. From July to October, sales volume declined for several consecutive months.

By November, the market was in better shape, with sales growth driving annual sales of more than 1 million vehicles.Among them, the good gas heavy card market growth.In recent months, the demand for heavy trucks of natural gas continues to grow. From late September to November, the demand and production and sales volume of the segment market of heavy trucks of natural gas continue to rise.This is mainly due to the heating season and coal storage season in the north, road coal transport market warming;Second, domestic gasoline and diesel prices rise, oil and gas price gap further widened, in addition to the road freight prices depressed, natural gas heavy truck by more consumers choose;Third, at the end of the third quarter and in the fourth quarter, some Chinese cities promoted the use of clean energy commercial vehicles to drive the growth of demand.

In addition, it has been reported that infrastructure projects will be started, which also led to heavy truck market growth.

Heavy truck market forecast 2019

The heavy truck market performed well in November. Today's news shows that the sales volume has ended the decline trend and turned to increase. Meanwhile, the annual cumulative sales volume has exceeded 1 million vehicles.There is only December left in 2018, and the positive factors of natural gas heavy trucks and infrastructure projects will further drive the market growth. It is expected that the sales volume of heavy trucks will also have a bright performance in December, and the annual cumulative sales volume may reach a new high.

China heavy truck market sales forecast

The growth trend at the end of 2018 is expected to continue into 2019, and positive factors will also affect the heavy truck market next year.It is worth noting that the three-year action plan to win the blue sky battle issued by the state council in July this year said that by the end of 2019, more than 1 million medium and heavy goods vehicles with emissions of no. 3 or lower in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and the fen-wei plain areas will be eliminated, which will bring heavy truck consumption demand.

In addition, the advantages of new energy heavy trucks are highlighted against the background of environmental protection policies, fuel and energy prices, and low highway transportation prices. In 2019, the demand for heavy trucks for natural gas will continue to rise, which will become a major growth point in the market.