International platform, eight highlights! 2021 China Qingdao International Road

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Transport first, carry the future! Guided by the Ministry of Transport, co-sponsored by the International Forum on Road Transport Technology (IFRTT), the Ministry of Transport Highway Research Institute, and the Key Laboratory of Transportation Vehicle Operation Safety Technology Transportation Industry (Beijing), the sixteenth session hosted by Hengxing International Convention and Exhibition Group The International Seminar on Heavy Vehicle Transportation Technology (HVTT 16) will be held in Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 7th to 9th. 2021 China Qingdao International Road Transportation Equipment Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Road Expo), as a concurrent event of this conference, has officially kicked off the exhibition recruitment.

As an international industry conference led by IFRTT, HVTT 16 is hosted by the transportation departments of various countries in the world. It has been successfully held for 15 sessions in the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries. It has become a global leader in road transportation and commercial vehicles. High-level international event. HVTT 16 was approved by the Ministry of Transport and successfully bid for by the Institute of Highway Research of the Ministry of Transport. This is the first time this international event has been held in China. The conference will consist of an opening ceremony, a plenary meeting, special seminars, parallel meetings, and technical inspections.

International platform, Chinese power! As the HVTT 16 conference has a wide range of international influence, the 2021 Road Expo will surely become a rare international promotion platform in the field of road transportation equipment. It will show the world the achievements of China's transportation and equipment field, lead the improvement of equipment manufacturing level with the demand for transportation services, lead the improvement of product quality and performance with market allocation of resources, and do a good job in leading the high-quality development of the industry; by showing the latest achievements of the global transportation industry , Focusing on the opportunities and challenges faced by development, leading the future development direction of transportation, and providing an international communication platform for the innovative development of the world transportation industry. Exhibitors are related companies such as trucks, buses, trailers, RVs, intelligent driving, parts, maintenance and testing, new energy and environmental technology. Companies from more than 100 countries will be invited to participate. The estimated exhibition area is 80,000 square meters, with 400+ exhibitors, 50,000+ professional visitors, and 100+ domestic and foreign media.

The 2021 Road Expo has outstanding advantages and distinctive features, with the following eight highlights:

1. An international event, light up the global highlight moment.
The HVTT16, which is held at the same time, will be held in China for the first time and will be brought together by experts, scholars, business leaders, industry elites and social media from more than 100 countries and regions. To share China's experience and solutions to the world, enhance the international influence of my country's road transportation industry, and promote China's transportation equipment to the world.

2. Participate from multiple parties and seek common development direction of the industry.
Strong organizational structure. This international conference is organized by the Ministry of Transport, the International Forum on Road Transport Technology (IFRTT), and the Institute of Highway Science of the Ministry of Transport. There will be competent authorities, industry organizations, manufacturers, service companies and experts. Scholars and media representatives participated together to review the development achievements of my country's road transportation industry and jointly seek the development direction of the road transportation industry at home and abroad.

3. Innovative achievements, leading the development trend of the industry.
Focus on the introduction of the national road transportation industry’s “13th Five-Year” key achievements and the latest scientific and technological innovation achievements of institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, and manufacturing enterprises, and jointly seek the “14th Five-Year” and 2035 vision goals, and explore “advanced, applicable, and complete” Controllable road transportation equipment promotes cost reduction and efficiency increase in the logistics industry, and further promotes the development of a modern integrated transportation system that is "safe, convenient, efficient, and green".

4. A global platform to promote technological progress in the industry.
Exhibits cover exhibitors in all links from design and development to manufacturing, testing and certification, and transportation services, multi-dimensional display of the latest achievements in subdivisions, attracting industry authorities, equipment manufacturers, transportation service companies, and professional visitors from all over the world to build global technology Exchange platform to promote technology sharing and technological progress across the industry chain.

5. Extensive publicity to create an industry media matrix.
Activities include general meetings, keynote forums, parallel forums, product demonstrations, technical inspections, annual festivals and other projects. More than 100 media at home and abroad will be invited to report together to create an industry media matrix and introduce the service functions and core of the Expo from multiple perspectives Value, all-round promotion of the product value system.

6.eight exhibition areas, valued product value promotion.
Eight exhibition halls of 80,000+ square meters, high-quality exhibitor resources will be subdivided into nine exhibition areas, including trucks, buses, trailers, RVs, intelligent driving, parts, maintenance and testing, new energy and environmental protection technology, according to the "one hall, one exhibition, "One release" professionally displays the latest products in the subdivisions to help product market promotion.

7. supply and demand docking, a large number of professional buyers
Abundant audience resources. The organizer will organize road transportation companies, logistics and freight companies, bus companies, and tourism companies from various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China to purchase at the fair. At the same time, it will invite merchants from third countries to purchase at the fair. Professional buyers will reach 50,000 million.

8. The huge market and the rapid growth of China's road transportation industry
The overall turnover of China's road freight is 610 billion ton-kilometers, and the market scale exceeds 5 trillion yuan. It has become the world's largest road transportation market. The huge Chinese market has seized market opportunities and displayed corporate image. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country's new infrastructure and smart transportation facilities will usher in a historical opportunity period, providing a strong driving force for the development of my country's transportation equipment.

This year coincides with the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. In order to better implement the "Belt and Road" initiative and serve the construction of a "transportation powerhouse", we will accelerate the formation of a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles , To cultivate my country's new advantages in participating in international cooperation and competition under the new situation. HVTT 16 and 2021 Road Expo will surely become an excellent platform for my country's international exchange and cooperation in the field of road transportation equipment. At present, the 2021 Dao Fair recruitment work has been in full swing, and the HVTT 16 paper collection is also underway. For more information about this exhibition and conference, you can log on the official websites of HVTT 16 and 2021 Road Expo respectively:

Qingdao in the golden autumn, an international event, let us meet in Qingdao in September for HVTT 16 and Tao Expo 2021!