Let the world listen to China's voice-HVTT 16 will be held in China in 2021

Time: 2019-11-12 Source:

The 16th International Forum for Road Transport Technology,IFRTT is organized by road Transport Technology International Forum and approved by the Ministry of Transport, it will be held in China for the first time in September 2021. At the same time, the IFRTT council formally approved the HVTT 16 program in November, which will be organized by the highway science research institute of the Ministry of Transport.

According to the reporter, IFRTT is a non-governmental organization, which is composed of scholars and experts in the field of road transport, research institutes, universities, vehicle manufacturing enterprises, government management departments and transport enterprises. One of the most important responsibilities of IFRTT is to organize the biennial international conference on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (HVTT), which aims to promote the development of road transport technology globally and provide technical support for equipment technology upgrading, road transport safety, standards and regulations revision, etc. We should strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the field of transportation and provide a platform for researchers and policy makers around the world to communicate. The first International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology was organized by the Road Transport Association of British Columbia, Canada, in 1986. Hence force, meetings have been held in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Sweden and Argentina.

It is reported that the 15th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transportation Technology (HVTT 15) was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from October 1st-6th, 2018. The theme of the conference was "economy on wheels - fast change, slow facilities", attended by the institute of highway science of the Ministry of Transport. The core issue of HVTT 15 is how to coordinate disruptive technology and the relationship between the social and economic development, to coordinate the old facility, the legacy of urban development, established market structure, the social order, and the relationship between the ingrained habit, its purpose is to make the road freight transportation system to adapt to the social and economic increasing complexity.

HVTT 15 mainly covered technology innovation in the field of heavy vehicles, smart logistics technology, connectivity, multimodal transport, and transportation and management within the framework of road infrastructure. From the perspective of technology research, it emphasized the development of technology, the transformation of vehicles and logistics to make transportation efficient, clean and intelligent.

The hosting of HVTT 16 in China will be of great significance to strengthen the connectivity of countries along "One Belt and One Road". At the same time, this high-level international event is an excellent opportunity to show the development of China's transportation industry and equipment to the world. It is also an embodiment of the further implementation of the strategy of "developing China through transportation" and the strategy of "going global" in terms of transportation standards. Meanwhile, China will share its standards and experience with global scholars and experts in the field of heavy vehicles, which will further enhance the status of China's transportation industry in the world, and play an important role in improving China's road transportation system and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's transportation industry.

Do not gallop in fantasy, do not strive for nothing. It is revealed that the host city of HVTT 16 and forum topics are still being further agreed, and the meeting will be held in China's coastal cities. In addition to continuing the traditional style of the previous 15 conferences, this conference will further adhere to the principle of paying attention to practical results and practicing strict economy. It will demonstrate the great power of national culture and the power of brand with Chinese characteristics, so that the world could listen to China's voice and more Asian countries could participate in this show. This international grand meeting with high standard and high starting point has attracted great attention from domestic and foreign professional fields. To be expected!