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Organized by the International Forum for Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) & Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (RIOH), the 16th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transportation Technology (HVTT16) was approved by the Ministry of Transport, and will be held in September, 2021 China, for the first time.

The International Forum for Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) IFRTT is a non-governmental organization, which is composed of scholars and experts in the field of road transport, including research institutes, universities, vehicle manufacturing enterprises, industry management departments and transport enterprises. The organization holds an international conference on heavy vehicle transport technology every two years, which aims to promote the development of road transport technology globally and provide technical support for equipment technology upgrading, road transport safety, standard and regulation revision, etc. We should strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the field of transportation and provide a platform for global researchers and policy makers to communicate with each other. The first International Conference on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology was hosted by the Road Transport Association of British Columbia, Canada, in 1986. Henceforth, it has been held in Britain, the United States, New Zealand, France and the Netherlands.

HVTT16 is going to be held in Qingdao, September 2021, in addition to the traditional style of continuation of the 15 congress, the conference will further adhere to the principle of pragmatic, saving, shows the results of China's transportation industry, leads the future transportation development direction, as the world's transportation industry innovation and development of international communication platform.

The hosting of HVTT16 in China will be of great significance to strengthen the connectivity of countries along "One Belt and One Road". Meanwhile, this high-level international event is an excellent opportunity to show the development of China's transportation industry to the world. It is also the embodiment of further implementing the "One Belt and One Road Initiative" and serving the construction of "traffic power". At that time, China will share its experience with global scholars and experts in the field of heavy vehicles, which will further enhance the influence of China's transportation industry in the world, improve the technical level of China's road transportation equipment and promote the transformation and upgrading of the road transportation industry. This international grand meeting with high standard and high starting point has attracted great attention from domestic and foreign professional fields, please stay tuned.

The core topic of HVTT16 is to exchange the development trend of heavy vehicle transportation technology, display the innovation results of heavy vehicle transportation technology, promote the world heavy vehicle transportation technology exchange and cooperation, and promote the innovation and development of heavy vehicle transportation technology. On the occasion, there will be the opening ceremony, symposium, parallel meetings, technical inspection and so on. The author of the paper will have the opportunity to be selected as the speaker to deliver a speech, we welcome experts and scholars from all over the world to Qingdao, China, and contribute to the development of China's transportation.

We welcome any topics in the following areas, but not limited to:

 Policies, regulations and standards

  1. Freight model standard system, regulations, system, management
  2. Dimensions of freight vehicles and limit values of axle load
  3. Implementation and management of freight vehicle standardization

 Transportation organization and operation management 

  1. Intelligent organization and scheduling system
  2. Travel with Shared economic wisdom
  3. Safety management of cargo enterprise
  4. Freight driver training and education
  5. Operation management information technology
  6. International road transport
  7. Integrated transport organization

 Road transport and emergency rescue equipment

  1. Cargo vehicle safety
  2. Energy saving and new energy equipment technology
  3. Efficient transportation equipment and technology
  4. Emergency rescue equipment
  5. Comprehensive transport connection equipment
  6. Urban logistics distribution equipment

 Intelligent equipment and intelligent transportation

  1. Software and hardware of self-driving vehicle
  2. Autonomous vehicle testing and evaluation
  3. Autonomous vehicle standards and management mechanism
  4. Vehicle and road collaboration technology and its application
  5. Application of 5G technology in road transportation
  6. Big data on transportation

 Infrastructure and operation guarantee

  1. Road line design and truck adaptability
  2. The carrying capacity of roads and Bridges
  3. Coordinated development of vehicles and infrastructure
  4. Dynamic weighing technology and equipment
  5. Road maintenance equipment

     Paper submission:

Abstracts and full papers are submitted through this website:

Paper Examination:

The paper will be reviewed by the IFRTT (road transport technology international BBS) scientific committee.

 Key time:

  1. Abstract deadline: November 30th, 2020
  2. Summary of admission notice time: December 31st, 2020
  3. Deadline for paper submission: February 28th, 2021
  4. Paper acceptance notice time: March 30th, 2021
  5. Deadline for submission of final paper: April 30th, 2021
  6. Meeting time: September, 2021

Paper Publishing:

1. Language of paper will be in English;

2. All papers will be published on IFRTT website.;

3. Outstanding papers will be recommended to be preached;

4. For any Chinese request, please contact the conference team;

5. Excellent Chinese papers will be recommended for publication in highway traffic technology (Chinese core);

Contact information

Institute of highway science, Ministry of Transport

Contacts: Dr. Zhanghao

Tel: 010-62079180    


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