Visiting instructions

Admission rules

The exhibition is only open to professionals. Visitors can register at the registration office with their name cards or pre-register online.

Audience pre-registration

In order to facilitate the rapid admission of visitors to the exhibition, we have specially set up a pre-registration service on our website.

Visitors only need to fill in the registration form online before exhibition to obtain the registration number or e-ticket. During the exhibition, visitors can quickly enter the exhibition hall with their ID Numbers or electronic tickets and business cards in exchange for admission cards at the registration counter, which greatly saves time for filling in forms and waiting in line.

Audience pre-registration process

Step 1: please visit the "pre-registration" page under the "audience center" section of the website

Step 2: fill in the basic registration information and questionnaire online

Step 3: after submission, a registration success message will pop up on the website, informing you of your registration number (or electronic ticket, which can be used for quick registration and admission at the exhibition site) and details needed attention

Step 4: at the same time, you will receive a confirmation letter in your registered email box, including the registration code (or e-ticket), basic registration information, and precautions for visiting