Exhibition area distribution

Exhibitors scope
Freight car
①Heavy truck, medium truck, light truck, micro truck, pickup truck
②Semi-trailer tractor, tractor truck
③Semi-trailer, center axle trailer, full trailer
④Truck chassis
Passenger car
①Road bus, tourist bus, group bus
②City bus
③School bus
④New energy buses (pure electric, hybrid, fuel cell)
⑤ Passenger car chassis
Special for
①Refrigerated and insulated vehicles, vehicle transport vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, logistics distribution vehicles
②Wrecker trucks, dump trucks, lifting trucks, special vehicles
③Complete RV, RV aftermarket, accessories
④Camping facilities, travel services, rental services
Smart driving
①Advanced driving assistance system
②Automotive driving system
③Vehicle-Road Cooperation System
④ Intelligent vehicle road system test
⑤Intelligent video surveillance alarm system
① Engine, transmission, retarder, braking system, steering system, lighting system
②Axle, tire, wheel hub, suspension system, lubrication system
③Electrical appliances and electrical equipment, vehicle multimedia, vehicle communication system, vehicle accessories
④ Seats, seat belts, emission devices, rearview mirrors, automotive rubber and plastic products, etc.
Maintenance inspection
①Repair, maintenance inspection system, vehicle performance test equipment and system
②Maintenance tools and repair equipment
③Modified technical equipment, modified equipment
New energy and environmental technology
①New energy truck
②Electric engine
③Battery and battery assembly
④Fuel cell
⑤ Hybrid
⑥Technical solutions for charging piles
Other related
①Enterprise transportation management system
②Information monitoring and management system, tank state monitoring system
③ Improve driver skills
④Loading and unloading efficiency products: exchange boxes, tail boards, pallets, containers, bolting devices, packaging
⑤ Automotive materials: steel, aluminum alloy, high-strength plates, cold-formed profiles, automotive paint