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The key issue of HVTT16 is to exchange heavy vehicle transportation development technology, display heavy vehicle transportation innovation results, promote platform for world heavy vehicle transportation technology cooperation, promote heavy vehicle transportation technology innovation development. A series of technical meetings, plenary meetings, special forums, technical investigation will be organized. Welcome all experts and scholars from all over the world to Qingdao, China to offer advice on the development of China's transportation.

We welcome any topics in the following areas, but not limited to:

(1) Policies, regulations and standards

l  Freight model standard system, regulations, institution, management

l  Requirements for outer dimensions and axle load limits of freight vehicles

l  Standardized implementation and management of freight vehicles

(2) Transportation organization and operation management

l  Intelligent organization scheduling system

l  Sharing economic intelligent travel

l  Freight enterprise safety management

l  Freight driver training and education

l  Operation management  technology

l  International road transport

l  Comprehensive transport organization

(3) Road transport and emergency rescue equipment

l  Freight vehicle safety

l  Energy conservation and new energy equipment technology

l  Efficient transportation equipment and technology

l  Emergency rescue equipment

l  Comprehensive transport and connection equipment

l  Urban logistics distribution equipment

(4) Intelligent equipment and intelligent transportation

l  Software and hardware of autonomous vehicles

l  Test and evaluation of autonomous vehicles

l  Standards and management mechanism for autonomous vehicle

l  Vehicle and road collaboration technology and its application

l  5G in road transportation system

l  Transportation big data

(5) Infrastructure and operation guarantee

l  Road alignment design and truck adaptability

l  Carrying capacity of roads and bridges

l  Coordinated development of vehicles and infrastructure

l  Dynamic weighing technology and equipment

l  Road maintenance equipment


Chinese or English


The abstracts and full paper should be both passed and be submitted on http://rtest.rioh.cn/meeting/index.aspx

Paper reviews

The paper will be reviewed by the IFRTT scientific committee.

Paper issued

The paper language should be in English.

All of the English paper will be issued on IFRTT.

Excellent English paper will be recommended and publicized.

If you need Chinese, please contact with the conference affairs team.

Important Dates

• Notice issued : July 1, 2020

• Abstract Submission Deadline: November 15, 2020

• Abstract Acceptance Notification: January 17, 2021

• Deadline for submission: February 21, 2021

• Full Paper Acceptance Notification: March 28, 2021

• Revised Paper Submission Deadline: June 26, 2021

• Conference: September 7-9, 2021

Contact information

For more information about HVTT16, please visit the website http://rtest.rioh.cn/meeting/index.aspx.

If you have other questions about symposium and the paper, please contact:

Research Institute Of Highway Ministry of Transport(RIOH):Dr. Zhang hao(zhang.hao@rioh.cn

International Forum for Road Transport Technology(IFRTT):  Chairman Loes Aarts(loes.aarts@rws.nl)