HVTT history

HVTT history

International Forum for Road Transport Technology  (IFRTT) is an international organization composed of more than 1000 experts from all over the world. It is composed of experts in the field of road transport, including universities, research institutions, advanced enterprises, government management departments and so on. The organization aims to promote and support the development of commercial vehicles and road freight transport, and to facilitate communication among experts.

Since 1986, IFRTT has held an international symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (HVTT) every two years. The HVTT workshop provides a global platform for researchers, policy makers, regulators, road authorities, commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, and transport companies to exchange knowledge and experience to support the development of safe, sustainable, efficient and efficient road freight transport.

All previous meetings

1986 - HVWD1 kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

1989 - HVWD2, kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

1992 - Cambridge, England

1995 - HVWD4, university of Michigan, Ann arbor, USA

1998 - HVWD5, maruquidore, Australia

2000 - HVWD6 saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

2002 - HVWD7 delft, Netherlands

2004 - HVWD8, mt. Mis, South Africa

2006 - HVWD9, Pennsylvania, USA

2008 - HVTT10, Paris, France

2010 - HVTT11, Melbourne, Australia

2012 - HVTT12, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 - HVTT13, st. Louis, Argentina

2016 - HVTT14 rotorua, New Zealand

2018 - HVTT15, Rotterdam, Netherlands